Our Goal:

Katabasis Aerospace is committed to the continued advancement and safe use of flexible structures for space exploration, emergency recovery, and disaster relief. We solve engineering, research, test, and management problems with a focus on your mission, schedule and budget.

What We Do:

Katabasis Aerospace offers consulting services for engineering, management, and developmental solutions associated with flexible structures. We provide independent review, analysis, research, and test support. We can support your project as an independent consultant or as a member of your team using expertise, tools and resource libraries applicable to most flexible structure problems. Our experience includes nearly 30 years as Program Manager, Chief Engineer, and Director of Engineering Operations at an aerospace corporation, where we were responsible for many spacecraft, DoD and commercial Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems (ADS = parachutes, parafoils, ballutes, inflatable heatshields, etc.).

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Al Witkowski   Principal

Katabasis Aerospace, LLC

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